Jay S. Winston has a PhD in English, making him the kind of doctor who, in case of life-threatening emergency, can explain Faulkner while you die. Following a decade teaching college English in institutions as diverse as Cornell University and Auburn State Correctional Facility, he has spent the past seven years  as a freelance writer and editor, teaching creative writing and yoga in homeless shelters, and tutoring women in recovery in reading and writing. He resides in the bucolic Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, State of Mildly Inebriated Samadhi, U.S.A., gets around mostly by bicycle, and believes in the Oxford comma. 

Dr. Jay’s publications include chapters, exercises, and fiction pieces for reading and writing textbooks, articles of various kinds in both print and on-line formats, including a popular blog, Yoga for Cynics, and book reviews for Elephant Journal, e-newsletters and a short story or two. He has edited countless projects for professors, graduate students, publications, and non-profit organizations. At long last he has also completed a novel called Drifter's Escape (yeah, the title comes from that old Dylan song).

The good doctor is available for writing and editing projects large and small, including ghostwriting, copywriting, creative writing, etc. See links for credentials, testimonials, writing samples, useful information, and a few laughs.

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